The music and messages which have been lovingly created by our team, along with content by other amazing artists, will take on renewed life and new meaning as part of HCN.


HCN will enable children to enjoy inspiring original music, animated and sing-along videos, digital books, games, and character-building activities. This content can ease fears prior to admission, provide comfort while hospitalized and inspire long after discharge.


Parents should feel good about letting their children explore HCN whether they have an identified special need or not. HCN uses the latest in secure, child-safe, online media delivery, and all content is reviewed and approved by Early Childhood Specialists prior to going live.


With our messages of self-worth, inclusion and happiness, we want children and their families to think of HCN as a kind of Clubhouse for the 21st century. Our door is always open. HCN is a place where kids can go to have some fun, feel safe and know that they are not alone.

How It Works:


HCN’s streaming, multi-sensory service is available to children and their families free-of-charge.


For those families that are introduced to HCN at a hospital or medical facility, they will receive a card upon admission that explains HCN. This card will also provide an access code that will enable them to enter onto a facility’s unique landing page.


Every member of the family can access HCN, either directly or via a hospital’s landing page, anytime and on any web-enabled device (computer, tablet, smart phone).


Access never expires, and KidLinks encourages you to spread the word about the website with friends, teachers, parents and others.


Content will be continually added, and the site will frequently be refreshed to reflect seasons, holidays, etc.



As a parent of a child with medical challenges, you know better than anyone that music is an effective distraction during a hospital stay. And if your child faces emotional-psychological issues or cognitive delays such as autism, you’ve seen music almost ‘magically’ engage your child during the learning process.


Wouldn’t it be great to have somewhere to share your experiences, connect with parents just like you, and learn how to incorporate the proven healing power of music into all facets of your lives?


With the help and support of our valued donors, we hope to make this resource become a reality in the near future.


As scientific and anecdotal evidence grows about the therapeutic benefits of music, there will be an increased need for resources which support professionals in healing, hope and happiness for children in their care.


Wouldn’t it be great to have a place to exchange information, concepts and successful methods between Music Therapists, Entertainers, Educators and Parents? How about a ‘virtual library’ of resources that Music Therapists and Therapeutic Music Entertainers could access when looking for new ideas, techniques and content? What about continuing education courses for Music Therapists, Therapeutic Music Entertainers, Early Childhood Educators and other professionals?


With the help and support of our valued donors, we hope to make this resource become a reality in the near future.



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