Music Therapy (MT) is a well-established allied health profession similar to occupational therapy and physical therapy.  It’s the use of music interventions to accomplish goals related to physical, psychological, cognitive and/or social functioning. These goals are addressed by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.

Clinical and evidence-based research shows a connection between:


Singing -> Speech

Rhythm -> Gross motor function

Memory for song -> Memory for academic material

Preferred music -> Improved mood and behavior

Improved mood and behavior -> Optimal learning environment




How Does Music Therapy Make a Difference with Young Children?




Quality learning and maximum participation occur when children are permitted to experience the joy of play.  Music stimulates all of the senses, and involves the child at many levels.  This “multimodal approach” facilitates several developmental skills.


· Music is highly motivating, yet it can also have a calming and relaxing effect.


· MT can help a child manage pain and stressful situations. MT may provide a distraction from the pain, discomfort, and anxiety often associated with some illnesses or physical disabilities.


· Enjoyable music activities are designed to be success-oriented and make children feel better about themselves.


· Music can encourage socialization, self-expression, communication, and motor development.


· Music can be used to motivate movements or structure exercises that are prescribed in physical rehabilitation.


· Rhythmic movement helps develop gross motor skills (mobility, agility, balance, coordination) as well as respiration patterns and muscular relaxation.


· Because the brain processes music in both hemispheres, music can stimulate cognitive functioning and may be used for remediation of some speech/language skills.



Participation in MT offers opportunities for learning, creativity and expression that are significantly different from more traditional educational/therapeutic approaches. And because MT is a powerful and non-threatening medium, unique and impressive outcomes are possible.


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