Our passion for and commitment to TME came about, quite literally, because of a smile.










In the early 1980s, Jim Newton was asked to play at a children’s hospital during a concert tour. He sang for a group of kids, and a child named Toby who, through the music, began to smile - something he had not done in a very long time. That day, Jim made the powerful connection that there was not only entertainment value but also therapeutic value in music.



How Does Therapeutic Music Entertainment

Make a Difference with Young Children?




TME is child-focused, engaging & interactive, and is developmentally appropriate for children.

It is goal/outcome oriented:


· Creates a normalizing, safe “space” for children and caregivers


· Offers a helpful diversion or “escape”


· Empowers children, providing a sense of mastery and enhancing self-esteem


· Facilitates the expression of emotions


· Celebrates diversity


· Encourages relationship-building, teamwork and community


· Supports growth and learning


· Provides experiences of relaxation and renewal


· Delivers unconditional positive regard for children and their caregivers



Since that first smile more than 30 years ago, we’ve made thousands of visits to children’s hospitals, special care centers and medical camps across the country. More than 130,000 of our cassettes, CDs and songbooks have been distributed across the world. And several of our productions have received prestigious recognition including Parents’ Choice Awards, Omni Intermedia Silver Awards, and Telly Awards. But most importantly…

We’ve helped Fiona relax and sleep before chemotherapy


We’ve made Josh laugh so hard he cried


We’ve helped Mary improve her memory and ability to focus


We’ve motivated Brian to move his body when he previously could or would not

We see little miracles like this every day thanks to the healing power of music and the generosity of people like you!

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