Some chefs get all the attention. They appear on major reality shows like Top Chef and Chopped. They've written cookbooks. Basically, they're media darlings who know how to work the publicity machine. But most of all, they're at the top of their game in the kitchen and that's the justification for celebrity. Yet some chefs fly a bit more under the radar, united instead by their ability to create memorable, delectable dishes that keep us craving more. Some of these chefs have been around a while, others are new to the North Texas scene, but all deserve more love.


Nick Hurry, executive chef at Proof + Pantry After training under original exec chef Kyle McClelland, Hurry (pictured at top) has taken the progressive American eatery in One Arts Plaza and put his own mark on dishes that perfectly complement every drink on the innovative cocktail list.


Signature dish: A double-cut pork chop Milanese features a toasty bread crumb topping, arugula and caper-lemon beurre blanc.



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