Le Bilboquet



Chef Jared Robinette, East Texas born and North Texas raised, began a journey through cooking by flipping burgers at a Sonic when he was 15 before swearing off the food  service industry for good....3 years later while wandering the halls of his culinary academy he had no idea what was in store for him. A young Filipina woman grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to the back door of Patricia Unterman's Hayes Street Grill, a job she had no longer wanted and needed him to replace her. The ensuing "interview" and subsequent barrage of Boudain-esque characters he met transformed his very existence into a mad blur of early mornings and late nights...obsessively sniffing the spice rack to better identify new ingredients that were as of yet unheard of or staying late to watch the saute cook do things he thought were superhuman.


Cooking became life. Working multiple jobs, following chef to the Ferry Building Farmers Market and building relationships with fellow cooks were all that mattered. After finishing what he calls his college years in San Francisco, he moved back to Dallas to be close to family and move forward with his career.


After working with chefs from the Dallas Country Club, he was offered his first sous chef position at Saint Ann's and eventually took the helm and opened Mercat Bistro. Adding CBD Provisions and Oddfellows to the list of cooking jobs he eventually found a home at Le Bilboquet, a quiet French American bistro in the Travis Walk.



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